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Can My Pet Overdose On CBD?

Can my Pet Overdose on CBD?


Can my Pet Overdose on CBD?

If you are a pet parent and are in the market for Pet CBD products for your furry family member then the question; “Can My Pet overdose from CBD Oil?” It is probably one that is pressing in your mind. As a pet owner, it is important to have these concerns when looking for products to help your pet have some relief. Another fear is that you will mistakenly leave the CBD treats and other products unattended and your pet will get into them. If so, will they be in harm’s way?

Let’s help ease some of your anxiety by addressing some of these concerns.

Is Overdose a Possibility?

it is important to call your veterinarian when your pet is experiencing any signs of discomfort or abnormal behavior. This can be caused by over administering on the dosage or in the unfortunate event your pet gets into the treats or oil by accident and helps themselves to the entire product.

Signs you should be on the lookout for:

–    Lethargy
–    Ataxia
–    Urinary incontinence
–    Vomiting & Hyperesthesia

If your pet is experiencing these symptoms, the best treatment is to comfort them and wait until the product wears off. You can keep track of mild cases at home. Patience is vital for when this happens, as you may need to cuddle and baby your beloved furry friend.

There is no real reason to be alarmed or fearful, honestly. CBD products may cause unwanted signs and symptoms in certain circumstances like accidental overconsumption. Harmful and severe effects will never occur when taking an all-natural supplement.

**We here at Advanced Modern Medicine suggest you Always Consult with your Vet if any abnormal behavior occurs and you notice any of the symptoms listed below. 

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