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An Essential Oil: How CBD Can Help Seniors Live Comfortably

An Essential Oil: How CBD Can Help Seniors Live Comfortably

Florida is a state that’s particularly friendly when it comes to cannabis. It’s currently on its way to implementing a comprehensive medical marijuana program. Its lawmakers are also working on the HB1117, a proposal that aims to legalize recreational marijuana use for people aged 21 and up.

So it’s no problem that the non-psychoactive chemical cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining popularity in the state. CBD oil is sold as an ingredient in food and drinks like ice cream, milkshakes, and even pizza. But where this chemical really shines is in the world of medicine.

The Elderly, Chronic Pain, and CBD Oil

Organic CBD oil is sold wholesale because of its many health benefits, one of which is chronic pain treatment, a growing problem among older adults. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), over half of the U.S. senior population deal with chronic pain. What’s worse is that most cases remain untreated because it’s difficult for them to speak up in fear of more tests and medications.

An article entitled “Cannabidiol (CBD) — what we know and what we don’t” from the Harvard Health Blog cited a European study that concluded that the chemical might ease pain and inflammation from arthritis. It also referenced another study that CBD may prevent both inflammatory and neuropathic pain, as well.

Better Mind, Better Sleep

Many factors could cause a lack of sleep for senior citizens. One reason could be the aforementioned chronic pain. Neurologist Jack Gardner says insomnia among the elderly may also be caused by anxiety. Anxiety, like persistent pain, also goes undetected and underreported. An article from the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation stated that specific phobias like the fear of death could cause senior citizens to spiral into severe anxiety or panic attacks.

The elderly could also experience a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), according to the Harvard Health blog. Seniors who suffer from GAD  are often overly concerned about everyday worries like health, money, or family issues. Because of this, they often find it hard to relax, concentrate, and sleep.

A recent study on using cannabidiol as a treatment for anxiety disorders found that the chemical, in oral doses of 300 to 600 mg, could treat anxiety orders like GAD. The researchers also added that CBD has no anxiety-causing effects as well as minimal sedative properties. This makes for healthier and more comfortable sleep for the elderly.

Healthier Heart, Longer Life

Over 48% of American adults suffer from one or more types of cardiovascular disease, according to a 2019 fact sheet by the American Heart Association. And more than half of heart disease deaths happen in people aged 75 and older. The report also pointed out that the average age for a first heart attack is 65 years for men and 72 years for women.

A literature review of the effects of CBD on cardiovascular health showed that the chemical protects the cardiovascular system from cardiac dysfunction from diabetes. It may also reduce blocked arteries that prevent blood from reaching the heart.

Medical marijuana products like CBD oil are relatively new, so there’s still pushback coming from the public. More studies about the chemical’s benefits should be done. However, previous research has shown that CBD may help treat and prevent both physical and mental illnesses. It’s an alternative treatment that could make our elderly loved ones’ lives easier.

Get Quality Wholesale CBD Oil

When choosing cannabis products, it’s essential that you get them from a reliable source. Here at Advanced Modern Medicine, we only use organic hemp oil that we distill into pure cannabidiol. You can assure that our product is safe, as we extract our CBD from non-GMO hemp. Our oils also go through third-party lab testing to make sure you’re getting the best concentration of CBD for your condition.

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